Every career progresses through a lifecycle where it is perfectly normal to find yourself in a job or a role where you are not entirely happy. These reasons can be intrinsic or thrust on to you by external forces beyond your control.

I believe adapting to change is our most important life skill.

You need a Change Catalyst

You’ve come to the right place! 

Brett Dawson

Brett Dawson

Make better changes with more clarity, in a shorter period of time and with less stress.​

Refocus on what’s important and make a change that's right for you!

I am here to coach you through this process.

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If you can't attend a workshop you can take the online course instead.

reFOCUS Workshop

Join me at the Colworth Science Park in Bedfordshire for a workshop to reflect on the past year, set goals for the next year and learn to apply the reFOCUS methodology that will ensure that you achieve those goals, even if you are always super busy.
A limited number of places are available.

Support Community

The reFOCUS programme includes access to a supportive community of reFOCUS practitioners. You can join a Constellation Group and get access to collective wisdom and expertise.

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