Constellation Work Groups

More commonly known as Mastermind Groups, I prefer to call our groups constellations of shining stars, because we are all made of stardust.

You are a Star

You are not the only one burning the reFOCUS fusion fuel and shining brightly. Join other stars in a Constellation Working Group.

Constellation Benefits
You get additional support from me when implementing the reFOCUS methodology

You get insight into how others are applying the reFOCUS methodology and any improvements they are making

You get access to the collective wisdom of a constellation of people who are on a similar learning curve to you

You get solutions to problems, encouragement to support your goals and support from the reFOCUS community.
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Constellation Group Agenda
(15 min) Review of successes since the last meeting

(30 min) One member is immersed into the constellation hub with focussed attention on an issue or challenge
(shared wisdom and help from the constellation of members)

(15 min) Commitments from each member to the implementation of a strategy to report on during the next meeting
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Pratical Tools
Meet once a week, every fortnight or once a month depending on the level of support you feel you need.

Virtual online meetings, no need to travel

File and image sharing while on a group call

Each group has a manifesto and an agenda to stay focusse
Available soon

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