You're an engineer looking for clarity and direction in your career.

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Base Camp CDPTM (Career Development Programme)

Use your reFOCUS CompassTM to navigate your Lifecycle Career MapTM and take the next step in your career.

reFOCUS CompassTM

“Dig Deep”

Helps you to understand your career purpose and mission so that you can use the alignment between your values, strengths and skills to be highly selective about your preferred career options. In this module you will develop your Career Manifesto to guide decisions and communicate clear messages about who you are, what you’ve done, and what type of work you want to do. 

Lifecycle Career MapTM

“Aim High”

Figure out where you are in the career Matrix and understand what your potential options are. Clarify your career lifecycle objectives. Clear mind-set obstacles and develop an inspiring vision for your future. Select your ultimate summit role and identify the gaps you need to build bridges over. Develop your Lifecycle Career MapTM and select the next step on your mission.

Take Your Next Step

“Make It Happen”

Use a combination of passive and active searches, and develop your networking skills  to create opportunities. Perfect your Career Stories to communicate clear messages that will attract deeper discussions about opportunities, invitations to interviews and referrals to people who can help you on your path. Develop ways to experiment, test and validate your next role.

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