About me 2

I help you understand your world so that you can make better decisions

Career and work transitions can be exciting and stressful. I help engineers find work that has meaning and to feel valued for their contribution. As a career coach I am here to help you get to where you want to be quicker than you could on your own.

I help you refocus on what’s important and make changes that are right for you. 

Every career progresses through a lifecycle where it is perfectly normal to find yourself in a job or a role where you are not entirely happy. 

I believe adapting to change is our most important life skill. Before you make a change, it’s important to step back and refocus on what’s important to you and make sure that the change you are considering is right for you. I am here to coach you through this process.  

My coaching – 

Over the past 24 years my career progression has felt like a succession of crises, but I’ve learnt that change is normal and adapting to change is our most important life skill. Let me tell you my story…

I started my career in the iron and steel industry working under such challenging health, safety and environmental conditions that I applied for voluntary redundancy when the opportunity came around. A ‘career crisis’ emerged when I was passed over for promotion several times in a row despite reassurances that I was doing a good job. I didn’t feel valued and the work didn’t have significant meaning to me.

My next ‘career crisis’ came when I felt I was working in the wrong industry and wanted to make a change from oil and gas to renewable energy so that I could work on climate change mitigation initiatives. 


Another ‘crisis’ emerged when I was Director of Renewable Energy for the South African Government and I found myself standing up in public defending an official government position that I didn’t agree with and wasn’t in a position to change. My core values of integrity and authenticity were compromised and within a year, I felt I had to make a change.

My worst career crisis occurred a few years later: I was working for a renewable energy consulting organisation when the financial crisis struck and the work dried up. As one of the more expensive managers I was first in line for cost cutting. Conditions weren’t good for finding full-time employment, especially in renewables, so I worked on several collaboration projects but without income and was effectively unemployed for a year and a half. I felt a significant loss of identity and struggled with depression, which bordered on suicide.

The thing that saved me was a shift in mind-set. I refocused on my values, skills and experience and looked for themes in my career. I reworked my CV and refocused my job searches. In the end I found a corporate strategy job and managed to double my previous salary, even though I had been unemployed for such a long time. The transformation was unbelievable! 

Two years later I was unemployed again as the organisation I was working for cut back 20% of it’s workforce.  I was lucky to find a consulting role that suited my experience and skills but luck shouldn’t be part of anyone’s story. If you want to read about my story in more detail you can read this