When to Take a Sabbatical

When Should You Take A Sabbatical? One of the questions you might consider at some stage in your career is whether it is a good idea to take a sabbatical or not. The answer to this question, like many other big decisions in life is “it depends”. Let me tell you a story about the […]

Passed Over For Promotion

Getting Passed Over For Promotion Being passed over for promotion isn’t a good feeling, especially when the evidence doesn’t align with what is happening. I had been working for Sasol for a few years and had been in an on-going discussion with my supervisor about a promotion. The promotion from engineer to senior engineer was […]

Industry Pivot

Changing Industries Industry Pivot – How I Switched from One Industry to Another I’ve made a few changes from one industry to the next and the most challenging and courageous one was leaving the Oil & Gas industry to start working in the Renewable Energy industry. At the end of 2004 I left Shell to […]