Why Values Are Important in Your Career Choices

Why Are Values Important in Your Career? I was standing in front of a group of about 300 people and trying my best to explain why the South African government was going to place a lot of focus on landfill gas harvesting and burning the methane to convert it to carbon dioxide (CO2). Methane has […]

The Art of reFOCUS

The Art of reFOCUS To refocus is to adjust the focus, or to focus on something new or different. reFOCUS is my technique of going back to re-exam something in more detail – to look further or deeper than what we initially see. It’s a way of understanding the root causes or understanding the hidden […]

From Kat Walk to Coaching

From Kat Walk to Coaching [Video here] When I was about 5 years into my career I was working in a good job that paid relatively well but I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. I had been passed over for promotion twice after being told that I was eligible for promotion and that it was imminent. […]

Change Within An Organisation

Changing a Career Within an Organisation If changing your role and direction within your organisation is something that is on your mind then I have a quick story for you about how I did this when I was working at Sasol.  In this video I describe why and how I made this change. I also […]

Leaving to Join a Competitor

At the end of 2001 I left Sasol to join Shell, even though I had managed to ‘escape Secunda’ and work my way into a very promising and exciting business development role in Sasol’s head-office in Rosebank. There were four drivers at the time. The first two were based on the fact that I was […]