Brett Dawson

Brett Dawson

"If you are serious about achieving your full potential, and realigning your life goals with your dreams and aspirations, then the reFOCUS programme is my solution for you."

I help engineers, scientists and other professionals take significant steps towards achieving their full potential through setting and achieving ambitious goals. I make it fun by using science fiction, a bit of rocket science and a secret test tube of magic potion because we all know that success is both art and science. If you are ambitious but a bit overwhelmed and crazy busy, then this is for you.

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reFOCUS Framework

ReFOCUS is an essential life-skill technique that helps you reflect deeply on what is important to you, define and prioritise your objectives in life, set goals and achieve them.
Eight steps: 1. Reflect 2. Envision 3. Prioritise 4. Set Goals 5. Plan 6. Schedule 7. Act 8. Evaluate

Productivity Principles

Our belief system shapes our perception of reality. By reFOCUSing our paradigms we can re-engineer our future.

Paradigms include: Motivation, Choice, Agency, Attitude, Expectations, Locus of Control, Positivity, Abundance, Balance, and more.

Productivity Tools

Get access to a portfolio of essential tools to manage your future.

Worksheets, Check Lists, Cascading Schedules, Planners, Recommended Apps, Productivity Techniques and Shortcuts

Invest in Yourself

If you want to gain confidence in taking control of your future, feel inspired by your dreams, and motivated by what is possible, then ReFOCUS is for you.

Invest in your future!

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workshops close at 5pm on
14 December 2018